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User:quiet_artist (9153)
Name:Ben Turner
Bio:NAME: Reuben “Ben” Turner

AGE: 15

HOUSE/YEAR: Hufflepuff/11th

SOCIAL STATUS: Ben’s family is middle class and he lives a fairly comfortable life. He’s at Hogwarts on an art scholarship.

APPEARANCE: Ben has dark brown hair and green-blue eyes. He’s of average height and weight and as far as body build, again, he’s average. He’s a plain looking person.

PERSONALITY: Ben is a pretty quiet kid who doesn’t really talk to anyone he doesn’t know unless they talk to him first. Once he becomes friends with someone, though, he’ll have no problem slipping right into talk. He’s very friendly, a lot like his dad, although he can get a little nervous and frightened a bit more easily than others. He’s a very very honest person and lying to anyone is an appalling thought to him. Ben is the kind of kid who would and probably has gotten picked on by the other kids at school. Because of this, he absolutely hates fighting. At home, he tries his very best to make sure his younger siblings get along and if they start to fight, he does whatever he can to get them to stop, trying to be as calm and as patient as possible. Sometimes, though, he would really just like to scream at them to stop fighting, especially Isaac and Asher, since they’re the ones who try to get each other’s heads the most. At school, though, Ben would be way too nervous to try and stop a fight between people at school. If it was very bad, he’d run and get a teacher. Because of Ben’s quiet and mostly calm personality, he’s a nice person to have around when all you want to do is talk and have someone just listen to you. He isn’t the kind of person that would stress people out… although he can be somewhat of a worrier himself at times.

Ben is an artist. He’s been drawing since he can remember and he has a natural talent for him. He always carries his art bag around with him, filled with a sketchpad and odds and ends of things to draw with. He loves drawing nature most of all and is trying to get better at drawing people. Whenever he has time, he loves to go walking around, find a place to sit down, and just draw what he sees around him. Because of his mother’s dream, he was always raised with a lot of music in his life. He enjoys singing and has taken up playing the bass guitar, loving the deep thrum of it. His brother, Simon, plays regular guitar and they often play songs together.

Another thing that absolutely fascinates Ben is words and languages. He treats foreign languages almost like a puzzle, enjoying getting his hands on anything that is in a different language and trying to translate it. You could say this is a hobby of his. He knows at least a few words in tons of languages and is trying to learn a few on his own, although this is going not as fast as he had hoped it would. Still, that’s not stopping him. He likes the challenge it presents. Whether he becomes an artist and visits various countries being able to speak their language there or whether he becomes a translator with art as a side job, Ben doesn’t yet know. All he knows is that he wouldn’t give up art or languages for the world.

Besides being an artist and loving languages, Ben is an avid Sonic the Hedgehog fan. He has all of the comics that have been published so far and has his own Sega Mega Drive he got for Christmas some time ago so he can play the Sonic video games. He has a Game Boy too and he enjoys the Legend of Zelda games. His favorite TV show is actually an anime, Ranma ½. He loves watching it in subtitles, listening to the Japanese language. His favorite movies are the Star Wars movies and he can play a mean game of Pac Man and Tetris at the arcade. Ben enjoys being outside in nature very much, but there’s another side of him that is a regular teenager who enjoys RPG video games. He’s thinking about giving the Hogwarts gaming group a try, although he’s kind of shy about it because he’s never really done it before, but he figures it can’t be all that different from the adventure games he enjoys like Zelda or Sonic. Ben is also an avid tennis player and while he most definitely isn’t the best, he has an average win and lose streak.

DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS: What sets Ben apart from everyone else probably is that he is an avid and pretty decent artist. Also, he wishes he could be braver because he really wants to have friends that he can hang out and go places with, but his quiet personality and slight nervousness prevent him from going up to someone and breaching the first wall by talking to them. He waits for someone to talk to him. If someone had to watch Ben for two hours and come up with a nickname for him, it would probably be the Quiet Artist.

LIKES: Art, drawing, languages, Billy Joel, Van Halen, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, playing bass guitar, playing with his siblings, video games, anime, tennis

DISLIKES: Being the center of attention, bad singing, being by himself for too long, fighting video games where all you do is beat the other character up and there’s really no plot to it, bullies, liars, cheaters who obviously cheat and get away with it

INSIDE SCOOP: There’s not really any big huge secrets about Benjamin. He’s an average kid and can be very open about his life if you ask him about it. What you see is pretty much what you get.

HISTORY: Benjamin Turner came from a family with 12 kids. His mother came from a family with 15 kids. When he was growing up, Benjamin always had tons of relatives to hang out with so when he grew up, he wanted a big family too. Jemima Turner only had two other siblings. Benjamin grew up on a farm that belonged to his family for generations. Jemima grew up in a very nice, neat, clean house in the city. Benjamin was used to living simply. Jemima was used to having not expensive, but nice and fancy things occasionally. People who know Jemima wonder what possessed her to marry this farm boy and move from a quaint little house into a large farmhouse. Jemima, however, was exactly what the doctor ordered for the Turner home.

Benjamin lived there with some of his brothers and sisters who hadn’t wanted to leave the house just yet and some who were too young to leave when he meet Jemima. Benjamin’s older brother, Joseph, had been introduced to her at college by his roommate. She was studying music to be a professional singer and he was studying to be a doctor. They started dating and Joseph brought her home for the first time. Jemima was less than impressed with the farmhouse. It was very… well… not clean. Joseph didn’t bring her back there often after that. One day when Benjamin was in town, he ran into her while he was going to the bookstore and while she was shopping for new clothes. She didn’t remember him but he remembered her. They started to talk for a while and Jemima found herself being drawn to him. Joseph was quiet and serious like her but perhaps opposites really do attract, because Jemima couldn’t help but start to feel affection for funny and cheerful Benjamin.

Some time after that, Joseph could tell that things had changed so he broke up with her. The first person she called for comfort was Ben. She wanted to see him so he went to her straight away. They met at a park and talked for hours, not just about Joseph, but other things. Jemima told him that she enjoyed being around him, even though they’d hardly spent any time together, because she could talk to him about anything and he would listen. She told him she had never felt that way about Joseph. When Ben offered to walk her home, she asked him if he was going to give her a goodnight kiss. Ben blushed hard and stammered, which caused Jemima to smile. Ben would tell her soon after it was the first time he’d ever seen her really smile. Ben told her that he was very flattered by her words and that he did indeed care about her but he didn’t want to just rush into so soon after his own brother had broken up with her. Jemima didn’t care and said she was going to kiss him herself if he didn’t kiss her first. He kissed her for the first time. Feeling a bit guilty about it, he confessed to Joseph who didn’t seem to be surprised at all. He wished Benjamin good luck and with better spirits, Benjamin started dating Jemima. It wasn’t long after that that he proposed.

Benjamin wanted a big family but Jemima vowed she would only have four. She wanted to live in the city still but Ben wanted to work and one day possibly run the farm. Jemima gave up her dream of being a singer for love and moved into the farmhouse with Ben. Jemima transformed the dusty old farmhouse into a clean and nice home. The walls inside and outside were re-painted. Things were rebuilt. Every room was cleaned from head to toe. She quickly became a terror among his brothers and sisters and, one by one, they all eventually left the farm house either to other places in the country or the city. Jemima eventually completed her project and from then on, made sure the farmhouse was a clean place at all times. Soon they had their first son, Reuben. Jemima called Benjamin by her pet name for him, Benjy, and the two nicknamed Reuben Ben.

The Turners were sheep herders and a few of Ben’s brothers and sisters came to the farm every day to help him take care of it. They had a few horses as well, along with other sorts of animals, and Ben has been riding horses since he was three years old. His brother, Simon, was born after that. His favorite sibling and sister, Rhoda, came next, then Isaac, Leah, Asher, Daniel, and most recently, Samuel. Benjamin is happy with having 8 kids and Jemima has refused to have anymore, even though she is a loving but stern mother. Ben shares a room with his brother, Simon, when at home. There’s nothing very eventful about Ben’s life growing up. He always had a sibling to play with or help take care of, and he filled his role of big brother very well. Ben’s at Hogwarts on a scholarship because his parents definitely couldn’t afford to send all of their kids to the school. They’re very proud of Ben, though, and hope he’ll succeed at the school.

The Family:
Benjamin Turner - 40; Jemima Turner - 37; Reuben Turner - 16; Simon - 15; Rhoda - 13; Isaac -11; Leah - 8; Asher - 7; Daniel - 3; Samuel – 1

English, English Literature, Maths, Science, Art, Fine Art, Music, Classical Greek, Irish, Welsh, Latin

Michaelmas: Tennis, Fly Fishing
Lent: Field Hockey, Tennis
Summer: Tennis, Sailing

Clubs: Arts Club, Modern Languages, Musical
People87:ajohnson, amicability, architect, badinerie, balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, cho, clagg, cormac, crab, creepy, daftne, dicktator, dthomas, dunstan, english, ernest, eugenie, explosives, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, foulmouthflint, freddy, gould, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, harried, heavens_cloths, hooper, ireland, ironyinherent, katies, keenan, kirke, lackey, lysol, macbeth, mchammer, meditation, melinda, moragwrites, muffins, naches, neuro, noraptors, notwilly_thanks, obnoxious, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, philosopher, physicsgeek, poisonous, ppatil, prayer, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, redtresses, residentabyss, ritchie, salesman, science, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, sunshine, tattle, toke, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, vpmods, vpnpc, wangsta, waynehopkins
Mutual Friends:69: amicability, architect, badinerie, balls, bitchy, blaise, bogart, caitriona, canaries, clagg, cormac, crab, creepy, dicktator, dthomas, ernest, eugenie, farmed, filmography, flamethrower, fletwock, foulmouthflint, freddy, gunther, hagrid, hairjordans, harried, heavens_cloths, hooper, ironyinherent, katies, kirke, lysol, macbeth, mchammer, moragwrites, muffins, naches, neuro, noraptors, notwilly_thanks, obnoxious, orange, peakes, pensioner, peta, physicsgeek, poisonous, ppatil, prayer, propriety, punish, quiet_artist, residentabyss, ritchie, science, shirley, sluts92, sonotperiwinkle, staid, stebbins, tattle, toldstein, torture, tramontane, victoriously, vpmods, wangsta, waynehopkins
Also Friend of:2: gems, teacherofrock
Member of:1: politik_vip
Account type:Early Adopter

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