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User:nejjeh (18165)
Name:Jenneh ಌ
Location:Ohio, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Nejjeh (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Interests:74: 122806, boondock saints, camera whore, carebears, charlie scene, clear starry skies, computers, cookie monster, corsets, cuddling, da kurlzzz, dancing, designing graphics, diet coke, digital cameras, eyeliner, funny man, gay marriage rights, getting my hair brushed, graphics, graphics designing, helio, hollywood undead, home star runner, homosexuals, homsar, hot bitches, html, j-dog, jack daniels, jack off jill, jeffree star, joj, journals, laughing, lips, lipstick, lollipops, marilyn manson, mascara, mindless self indulgence, moons, msi, music, my friends, nin, nine inch nails, pain, patrick star fish, penguins, piercings, pink, psp, purple, rainbows, randomness, shady jeff, stars, tattoos, teal, tech n9ne, texting, tha producer, the birthday massacre, the left rights, the palace, the pervert man, the server, web designing, webcamming, wes ♥, , ,
Schools:None listed
People13:bebe, blunted, british, country, fuckerii, hollyhood, lambie, laurengottlieb, moonagereverie, techromance, thekooks, wessah, yourcall
Communities14:addme, bitchbook, donut, flamecup, gjers, harsh, honorcup, madeup, post_secret, praisebook, promote, promotions, sims, thrashground
Mutual Friends:11: blunted, british, country, fuckerii, hollyhood, lambie, laurengottlieb, moonagereverie, thekooks, wessah, yourcall
Member of:11: addme, bitchbook, donut, flamecup, harsh, honorcup, post_secret, promote, promotions, sims, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2008-03-02 17:37:08
Date updated:2008-11-26 18:11:16, 634 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:2
Comments:Posted: 136 - Received: 10
Posting Access:7: addme, bitchbook, harsh, post_secret, promote, promotions, sims

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