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User:shinelikeastar (15388)
Name:viva la vida
Location:Wichita, Kansas, United States

banner by [info]baobabble
Interests:30: blake lively, christina aguilera, christina ricci, david krumholtz, david tennant, dead like me, degrassi: the next generation, doctor who, forbidden love, forensic science, gossip girl, kat dennings, law and order: ci, lazytown, nancy drew, ncis, new amsterdam, older men, paramore, people watching, private practice, pushing daisies, reading, summer glau, sweet valley high, the baby-sitters club, the time traveler's wife, tin man, writing, zooey deschanel
Schools:None listed
People5:ghostdreamer, news, pinklipstain10, shinelikeastar, system
Communities3:50bookchallenge, backgrounds, discord
Mutual Friends:2: pinklipstain10, shinelikeastar
Account type:Early Free User

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