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User:sparkings (10542)
Name:[princess of the paupers]
Website:life inside a picture frame
AOL IM:AIM status echochaser18 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

friends only.this journal is mostly friends only. please comment to be added, naturally. it is also a CDJ. pleas be kind rewind.

uncommon girl.just a girl, born in one country living (raised) in another. born to be a writer/actor/dancer. music is a religious experience. films can come too. far too open minded, far too loud mouthed. working to waste away in a museum. thinks too much or not enough, depending.

trouble me.wanders through the fandoms of : harry potter. doctor who. bsg. veronica mars. firefly. sga. canadian film. weird films. reads: medieval lit. history. politics. the big take-over. hates: rolling stone. poor grammar. abusing the english language. people with no humour. can't be bothered: to stay in one anything for too long.

mysterious nonsense.dvlinareddress. uberschnitzel. echochaser.

Userinfo coding made by expedishous. ♥
Interests:121: adorkable boys, appreciating the unappreciated, battlestar galactica, being ginger, belle & sebastian, books, boondock saints, boys named ian, british literature, callum blue, callum blue is mine, callum keith rennie, callum/lina, canadian whatsists, celtic fc, cesty patrick fleuger, chicago, chinese food, coffee, colin meloy, college, colouring books, comedy, conan o'brien, concerts, curling, dead like me, destiny/lina/kim, disney movies, disorganisation, doctor who, driving fast, earl grey tea, edinburgh railway rows, environmentalism, fairy tales, fan fiction, firefly, floorboards, francais, franz ferdinand, garden state, gay rights, geeking out, giggling, grey's anatomy, harry potter, having fun, history, hockey, hugh dancy is mine, hugh/lina, hummus, independent films, indie rock, james mcavoy's kilt, john hannah, jon stewart, journalism, kaiser chiefs, keane, law and order, literature and authors longdead, making short films, marquette, medieval history, missing the fall, monty python, movies, movies in slowmo, moving is not enough, muse, music, narrated by lee pace, nate query's babies, never an umbrella, new pornographers, parental disownment, passport stamps, paul gross, paul rudd is smexy, pieces of andromeda, pirates, procrastanation, protests, queen of angst, quotes, rain, randomness, reading, reorganisation, role playing, royal tennenbaums, running amok in society, scotland, scottish men, sex in a lift, shakespeare, sleep, snark, snow skiing, stars, stephen colbert, ted tonks, tetleys, thai food, the bbc, the black donellys, the cure, the daily show, the decemberists, the futureheads, the kooks, the postal service, tom baker's scarf, too many things, tragically hip, travel, tristan and isolde, walking on sunshine, wes anderson.
Schools:None listed
People4:chopin, fairylights, freud, ludivine
Friend of:5: chopin, fairylights, freud, ludivine, worldateallie
Account type:Early Adopter

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