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User:rezista (27438)
Remove myself from this world...
...and let me be free...
Name:Rezi Ta
Memories1 entry
Interests:97: anima, animals, anime, besm, big bang theory, board games, candi, card games, character creation, chocolate, collections, comics, cosplay, croissants, d10, d12, d20, d6, d8, dance dance revolution, dexter's lab, dice, doug, doujinshi, drake & josh, drawing, ebay, extreme home makeover, family, final fantasy, fondue, food, friendships, fries, germany, golden sun, grapefruit, guitar hero, he-man, heroes, home brews, hotel rooms, icarly, japan, joyce & walky!, katamari damacy, language, large beds, learning, legend of heroes, letters, logic puzzles, manga, mighty mouse, music, n+, nanaca crash, nintendo, nuts, online banking, orange, patapon, pencils, pho, phoenix wright, playstation, popeye, powerpuff girls, puzzle quest, reading, relationships, rpgs, seashells, shelving, shortpacked!, sightseeing, snacks, south korea, star ocean, stickers, super mario brothers, superheroes, teenage mutant ninja turtles, teenagers from outer space, transformers, travelling, twilight, typing, usagi yojimbo, vanilla, vgl, whimseekers, wife swap, woody woodpecker, working, writing, xbox
People11:embervixen, ilucifel, kiokushitaka, lawton_anime, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, millicent_angel, news, roark, sehnsucht, system
Communities9:10_lyricons, animechorus, bishoujoawards, deadletters, hushawards, savinme, shounenawards, thissideup, yayconventions
Mutual Friends:8: embervixen, kiokushitaka, lawton_anime, lovemedead, lunareuphoria, millicent_angel, roark, sehnsucht
Account type:Early Free User

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