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User:curiousvenus (10483)
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AOL IM:AIM status vanillasmudged (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Visit my dragons

[info]iam the Hachiko (NANA) of Scribbld

[info]iam the Noda Megumi (Nodame Cantabile) of Scribbld

Rufus Shinra [info]ismylove
Dante [info]ismylove
Neil Gaiman [info]ismylove

mood theme :: image taken from Kao-Ani
icon journal :: mercurial_muse
icon resources :: HERE
icon banners :: HERE

Image :: My own ginger, Hard Gay Neko
Caption Credit :: [info]urgent

Memories12 entries
Interests:107: advent children, ai yazawa, anime, anime songs, best friends, bishounen, bleach, brushes, candy, cheese, computers, cute, death note, discworld, dogma, dorama, elves, facebook, fanfics, fantasy, final fantasy vii, food, friends, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, geeks in glasses, general surgery, ginger cats, goong, gravitation, guys, gynaecology, hellsing, honey & clover, hoshi souichirou, house, icons, internet, ishida akira, j-drama, janne da arc, japan, japanese, japanese culture, jpop, jrock, k-drama, koyasu takehito, laughter, lord of the rings, love, malaysia, manga, medical school, medicine, movies, mp3, music, musicals, nana, obstetrics, orlando bloom, paradise kiss, patisserie, phantom of the opera, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pocky, renoxtifa, romance, rufusxtifa, saiyuki, samurai, satire, scalpels, seiyuu, seki tomokazu, seki toshihiko, shopping, shoujo, shounen ai, shounen-ai, shugo chara, sparkles, stephen king, sushi, swimming, takahashi hiroki, terry pratchett, textures, the hobbit, the silmarillion, tolkien, trinity blood, tsubasa chronicle, vampires, video games, virgo, weiss kreuz, writing, yami no matsuei, yuki kajiura, yuu watase, , , ナナ
Schools:None listed
People23:alazif, babylon, catgirl_luna, curiousvenus, destructive, diaochan, dolphins_gone, doodles, kiokushitaka, kirie, kogarasumaru, kuroitenshi, lawton_anime, lunareuphoria, luvotomy, mahou, miruku_cookiez, okura_chan, shinimegami, system, theloveletter, urgent, windsor
Communities25:100x100, 10variations, _otp, animechorus, animeicons, animeicontest, bishoujoawards, bishounenawards, floralsummoner, gameawards, gjers, honorcup, hyakkiyako, iam, iconstipation, lst_cnst_stndng, mercurial_muse, onemelody, ost_challenge, quote_me_on_it, savinme, scribbld_top5, sketchpad, thrashground, uploads
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2008-01-07 02:19:14
Date updated:2013-01-04 03:26:04, 412 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:774
Comments:Posted: 7,052 - Received: 7,032
Posting Access:14: 100x100, 10variations, _otp, animeicons, dollsnmore, iam, ismylove, mercurial_muse, ost_challenge, quote_me_on_it, savinme, sketchpad, thefangirlof, uploads

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