Jimmy Brancaccio
20 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Setup the new printer on Susan's desk. Couldn't do much else since her laptop wasn't there. Worked on some web thing. Continued looking into HTML newsletters and pulling some apart to see how they work. Helped Leslie update her machine with an Office 2008 patch. Had to be evacuated for about an hour so due to some chemical smell issues. After that, I just worked on getting this order together as I need to order a new computer ASAP!
Jimmy Brancaccio
19 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Spent a big portion of the day researching how to properly upgrade the Moodle install and then actually upgrading it. All seemed to have gone well except for the authentication module wasn't carried over from the old install. Didn't figure that out until the next day. Spent the rest of the day learning how to create a course and then worked on adding a new course (AIM 101) into the Moodle website.
Jimmy Brancaccio
18 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Worked on some UDL web stuff. Updating pages and copy. Had a weekly UDL meeting. Got some new TODOs form Cristal. After meeting worked on some more web items. Updating the site. Spent some time looking for some stock photos and stuff. Can't really remember what else I did that day.
Jimmy Brancaccio
17 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Jimmy Brancaccio
13 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Worked on some web stuff, updated the iTeam website with some new information. Gathered some materials and paperwork for the meeting in the afternoon. Had a meeting with Laurie from 1pm to the end of the day. Discussed IT stuff and procedures and possible plans and things to do at CDCI.
Jimmy Brancaccio
12 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Spent the morning working on some TRIPSCY web stuff. Updated a few pages. Marie was going to sent me a module (I think) to upload to the Moodle but I didn't get it. Got Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 installed on Leslie's computer. We finally found the physical disk of which I've made a copy of a stored the original in a locked file cabinet.

Helped Cristal with some issue on the TRIPSY site. A user reported that they couldn't see the contact page and they could not fill out and submit the form to join TRIPSCY. I verified that both of those things work and then let Cristal know.

I finished up the web outline for the UDL web site and also my work log for them and sent those to Cristal.

Spent most of the day moving the computer inventory from a FileMaker database into a spreadsheet. This will be more universally usable between us here at the Center and also on the tech group wiki. I finally got information on Brian's computer!!
Jimmy Brancaccio
11 February 2009 @ 02:17 pm
Worked on web stuff most of the day. Updated and make the staff pages live. Finished typing up a few case studies for the website. Gathered some stock images to use on that page. It might be worth just buying some "credits" at stock photo websites since most of the good images actually cost money, but it would save time instead of having me hunt all over the web for free images. Fixed up some encoding issues since I've been getting content in Word format, it doesn't transfer over nicely into HTML.

Had a quick meeting with Cristal about some tasks and things I could be working on.

Fixed up the goals and abstract pages.
Jimmy Brancaccio
10 February 2009 @ 01:17 pm
Did emails, put new tasks into Things. Met with Susan Ryan about the meeting I had with Laurie. Started researching and putting together a list of items we need to buy. Put together a flow chart for Susan Ryan about the CDCI structure. Continued working on a list and budget for the items we need to purchase. Had a look in the basement to see if there was a large cabinet where I could store computers rather then having to buy a new one.

Researched some Verizon rates and plans for a possible new phone. Put together a document in Word outlining these things.

Had a few quick meetings with Susan Ryan to go over these new purchases. Will have to wait until Laurie gets back into the office so I can get her opinion about buying a refurbished unit. Spent the rest of the afternoon working on a budget and figuring out the pricing of the phone.
Jimmy Brancaccio
06 February 2009 @ 01:17 pm
Responded to a few emails. Spent some of the morning repairing an authentication/login issue related to yesterdays Moodle upgrade. I've seemed to have fixed the issue as users who could not login are now able too. Did a bit of research on how UVM is or will be using Google Docs, apparently it's in a very infant testing stage. I think we can still use it though, just not the way UVM is hooking into the GDocs system, just normally.

Worked up updating my work logs to make sure they were recent. Did a little bit of web work for I-Team but the rest still needs to be finished.

Spent the rest of the afternoon (1:45pm to 4:40pm) in a meeting with Laurie and also Brent. Talked about many things, new cell phone for Susan, computer security, getting me a new laptop and some hard drives, figuring out the shared folder for Jesse.

Also talked about some web stuff.
Jimmy Brancaccio
05 February 2009 @ 04:02 pm
Finished up yesterdays work log. Then input it into the UDL work form and sent that off to Cristal. Continued looking to the upgrade process for the TRIPSCY Moodle software.

Helped Susan Edelman with some Skype/PC/Google Docs issues. Resolved most issues. Helped Susan Ryan with an email problem, but couldn't solve it as I couldn't see the issue.

Started upgrading the Moodle installed. Made a server backup before I touched anything. This included all web files, emails, and MySQL database...just incase anything went wrong during the upgrade. Spent the rest of the afternoon working on upgrading the Moodle install.

Also helped Susan Edelman with some Skype and Google Docs issues.
Jimmy Brancaccio
04 February 2009 @ 04:07 pm
Reviewed and responded to emails. Moved around some meetings. Wrote up yesterdays work log and submitted it. Tried to find the UVM and The View articles so they could be link to from the UVM UDL website. Still looking. Chatted with Nick about a few things. Thought today's meeting was at 10:15 but it's actually at 11:15. Had an hour or so meeting for UDL. Went very well. Met with Cristal briefly about some web stuff and doing an outline of the UDL website. Also about adding a new link for Case Studies.

Had a 2 hour long technology meeting.

Took half hour lunch.

Spent the rest of the day reviewing some UDL websites and getting some things ready to post to the web.
Jimmy Brancaccio
03 February 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Reviewed emails from this weekend and yesterday. Finished up researching a new digital camera and then put together and order for that and a memory card for it. Looked into when the people were supposed to be coming to pick up these old computers for recycling. Moved the rest of them into my office except for the old big fax machine.

Updated my work calendar and got that posted outside my door.

Spent the rest of the day researching developing HTML newsletters and then starting picking apart a newsletter that my friend does so I could see how it's done and how I could use his as sort of a reference or skeleton for the CDCI newsletter.
Jimmy Brancaccio
30 January 2009 @ 04:25 pm
Reviewed emails and responded to those that needed it. Did some UDL web work since I spent an hour + of my time with Susan in a meeting on a UDL day.

Helped Marie Christine-Potvin with some FileMaker issues and located a database. Net-registered an iMac in the "TRIPSCY office".

Setup the Canon printers for Renee and made sure they were working. Sent some emails to Laurie (about securing machines and locking them to desks) and Kathleen about getting more copies of the Adobe Acrobat software. Started looking at coding up a template for the CDCI HTML newsletters.

Helped Leslie get Adobe Reader installed, hoping that will fix her issue of viewing PDFs in FireFox, but I have a feeling it's a site/FireFox issue and am not sure if Adobe Reader will fix the issue.

Continue looking into web accessibility and code and also designing HTML newsletters. Will start pulling apart a known good newletters to see if I can learn from their code.
Jimmy Brancaccio
29 January 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Reviewed some emails and followed up with some people I didn't get to meet with yesterday. Quickly talked to Cristal about issues with getting a translater for our Wednesday morning UDL meetings. Met with Louise about video/picture release forms.

Worked on TRIPSCY.ORG home page and the Joomla software/news posting. Worked on the UVM TRIPSCY site, updating links and content on the site.

Quick welcome party for Leslie.

Finished up with the TRIPSCY website tasks for the day. Just added a link to the Moodle site on the UVM TRIPSCY site and made sure there was a link back to the UVM TRIPSCY site from the Moodle site.

Starting researching upgrading the Moodle software to the latest. Will continue looking into how to properly get this done over the next few days.
Jimmy Brancaccio
28 January 2009 @ 04:15 pm
Reviewed emails from Cristal about the staff pages and some of the other web pages we've made live with some content. Moved some of the content around to the proper places. Had a meeting with Cristal, Nick and Susan about how we're going to do things, work flow and how we should be working as a team, took about an hour or so.

Got Nick setup on the big Canon printers.

Started looking at some more web changes that needed to be made and did the ones I could find. Got some more content and things from Cristal that could be worked on.

Had a meeting with Susan Ryan - 1 hour.

Pretty much spent the rest of the day looking for stock images and just reviewing the afternoons emails and reponding to as many as I could.