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User:franziska (14101)
Name:Franny Fanceh Pants Ziska von Perfecto Karmuh
Franziska is the typical pretentious Thanatos female character. She carries 'round a whip and has a swarm of fanboys willing to attack simply at her call. Some even call her heartless. There's a good chance she won't give a damn about your opinion, so troll away. Despite her frightening demeanor, most consider her kind and charismatic. This young prosecutor spends her time doing volunteer work for InsaneJournal and CommieJournal, but is willing to answer a question or two here for friends only. Oh, she may also have the biggest crush on a certain other prosecutor, though that has yet to be proven...
Fill up my heart with love. Oh, you'd be amazed at how little I need from him to feel complete here and now. Stirring within me are these feelings I can't ignore. I need a miracle and that's what I'm hoping for. I need a miracle and not someone's charity. One drop of love from him and my heart's in ecstasy. The high that is sending me is most likely ending me. I need a miracle and not someone's charity now!
Friends Only: Comment to be considered
Contact Info: * LOCKED *
Game Contact Post: * LOCKED *
User Profile: Code & Images by me. Lyrics from some Silent Hill song. You can google it and find out yourself, lazy bums.
User Icons: Mine and mine alone. Ask before snagging.
Icon Journal: [info]objection (like I'll actually post there).
Interests:146: (°Д°), 4chan, aden ♥ aletheia, anime, anime figurines, are you still there?, artificial intelligence, bang bang, being a hero, bioshock, cake is a lie, cat macros, chess is for nerds, chocolate, code geass, come out bitch, comedy, comment wars, cube on your face, demon prosecutor ♥, demonology, digimon, disgaea, disney, dj sharpnel, ewokchan, fanfiction, fighting games, final fantasy, fire verses ice, first person shooters, flcl, fluffy things, foolish fool's fool, fools who foolishly dream, forums, fps excellence, franziska ♥ miles, freckle bitches, funny macros, gaia online, gaogaigar, gene's internet yaoi theory, genesis of aquarion, getting achievements, girls don't exist, girlsdontgame.com, glados ♥ cortana, graphic design, grimgrimoire, grunt birthday party, gundam wing, gurren lagann, gyakuten saiban, half life, halo, halo3 is cod4's bitch, harry potter, hello kitty, high fives, huge ass fighting robots, hyper dimensional cheerleaders, i see you, icons, inside jokes, isitchristmas.com, itunes, jhuu ♥~~~, jingoku shoujo, kawaii anime princesses, king of fighters, legend of zelda, lodoss island, lord of the rings, lucky star, makai kingdom, making icons, masochist, mass effect, master chief ♥ arbiter, mazinger z, mc chris, mc frontalot, mecha, molesting the chief's brain, mudkips, needs more cowbell, neon genesis evangelion, nerdy sex, nom nom mana, not doing layouts, objection!, obsession, omg a real gurl!, outlaw star, owning face in court, party escort submission position, partygoer, pepsi, phoenix wright, picking on the defense, playing with my figurines, pokemon, portal, pretentious stuck up elves, procrastinating, punk rock, record of lodoss war, red verses blue, red vs blue, rock and roll, rock band, rocking out, roleplaying games, sass, saving the day, school days, scrubs, seeking justice, spamming asylums, spamming bold and italics, star trek, star wars, succubi, succubi = ♥♥♥, super robot wars, support, team fortress 2, techno, the mean society, the nightmare before christmas, the orange box, the prosecutor's murmur, the sims, things that are pink, thinking with portals, trading card games, trolls, ultraman, video games, web design, whip! whip! whip!, whipping everything in los, will there be cake?, world of warcraft, ಠ_ಠ
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Also Friend of:12: dwokimmortalus, lawliet, lunareuphoria, nallaen, nickthefanboy, resiliency, sex_pancake, shion, succubi, thekooks, whip, zannechaos
Member of:23: 100x100, 10variations, addme, animeaddme, animechorus, animeicons, bitchbook, courtroom, dear_you, fandomtracks, flamecup, honorcup, lst_cnst_stndng, objection, ost_challenge, post_secret, resourced, rosetintmyworld, scribbld_top5, shitlist, ugly_icons, videogame_icons, yoursecrets
Account type:Early Free User

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