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User:got_the_touch (32025)
Name:Mason Jeffries
AOL IM:AIM status GoggleBoy83 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:17: alpha flight, battlebots, box, crowbars, dirt bikes, extreme sports, gadgets, industrial art, inventing, junkyard wars, mythbusters, recycling, rock climbing, screwdrivers, toolboxes, tools, wrenches
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities3:marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Also Friend of:63: aaronwyatt, american_idol, anyastark, awesome_andrea, bite_me, bornlucky, borntolead, cant_stop_this, danielle_cage, designergene, digthefuzz, dont_bug_me, favoredheir, fireball, gammagodling, girlspy, glinting, godlierthanthou, harkerlegacy, harryreynolds, hot_rod, i_feel_you, ice_ice_baby, im_a_librarian, invisigirl, kaiju_can_do, kidfuzzy, likethewind, lytaworthington, marvel_girl, marvelkid, needsmoredakka, neogoblin, nevermisses, next_avenger, nextgen_mod, notinplainsight, notquiteright, notyetqueen, perenawska, poof, princessbruiser, queenofcrime, redheadspy, rjb_absinthe, ryanspector, sea_shelly, shessomarvelous, shield_maiden, small_but_tough, son_of_genius, son_of_hercules, subject0001, super_wren, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, team_mascot, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, touchesthepast, two_gun_kid, webslingergirl, wild_rose
Member of:3: marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2009-09-24 14:29:03
Date updated:2009-12-24 12:39:22, 616 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Win32NT-.NET: 0.9
Journal entries:4
Comments:Posted: 1,026 - Received: 22
Posting Access:3: marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen

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