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User:nalastormhunter (14481)
Words of the Wise
Or perhaps just insane ramblings
Interests:125: agatha christie, alyson hannigan, b-grade horror movies, bisexuality, books, buffy, celtic, celtic music, clint black, collin raye, corsairs, costumes, cowboy bebop, creative writing, critiques, dancing, david boreanaz, david bowie, dnd, douglas adams, draco malfoy, dragon ball z, drawing, dumbledore's army, edgar allan poe, elves, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fanart, fanfics, fantasy, farscape, fiction, final fantasy, firefly, friends, friendship, games, gasaraki, gay rights, geek, giles, goddesses, gundam wing, halflings, hanging with friends, harry potter, haunted houses, horror, house cup, icon contests, icons, icontests, ireland, j.k. rowling, jonathan brandis, kids, kingdom hearts, labyrinth, legend, linkin park, lord of the rings, lucas wolenczak, lucius malfoy, madeline l'engle, magic, manga, mercedes lackey, michelle tractenberg, modeling, movies, music, musicals, mythology, neo-paganism, nerd, new age, owl, pagan, performing arts, pirates of the caribbean, plays, poetry, potions, princess bride, ps2, quidditch, quidditch world cup, reading, red dwarf, renaissance era, renaissance faires, rent, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, sailor moon, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction, scooby doo, screenplays, seaquest, serenity, seth green, slytherin, snape, star wars, stephen king, sunnydale, sword of truth, swordfighting, swords, system of a down, terry brooks, the matrix, the rogues, tim burton, tolkien, trigun, video games, viggo mortensen, whose line, william shakespeare, wizards, writing
Schools:None listed
People8:boners, jimmy, mothtoaflame, nalastormhunter, nevermore, news, starkiller, system
Communities3:100x100, browncoats, gjers
Friend of:3: boners, nalastormhunter, nevermore
Member of:2: 100x100, browncoats
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2008-01-18 14:17:35
Date updated:2008-02-11 01:18:18, 714 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:7
Comments:Posted: 3 - Received: 5
Posting Access:2: 100x100, browncoats

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