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User:wantsthesky (42857)
To all the rain and the thunder
I'm heading into the sun
Name:Colby Ayers


 'Cause I don't want to go under, it's only just begun

want you to take me to all of your sky

Basic Info
Name: Colby Ayers
Age: 16
House and Year: Rienzi; sophomore
Family: Big
Parents - Ian and Amelia Ayers
Siblings - James, Malcolm, Shane, Damien (sister-in-law - Gianna)
Grandparents - Elliot and Helen Ayers; Rodney and Eleanore Hart
Uncles (and Aunts) - Neil (and Clare) Ayers, Riley (and Sarah) Ayers; Zachary Hart
Cousins - Grace, Hope, Brandt; Luke, Isaac, Zoe
Niece - Allegra
Wand: 8" Sequoia, Kneazle hair, springy

Lyrics are all from I Want To Be There (When You Come) by Echo and the Bunnymen

one two three fleeting

Schools:None listed
People50:867_5309, aguas_santas, alittlevague, almost_famous, anastas, arioso, atotheb, babalon, beauregard_glam, cabotine, cantspell, ccimods, che_bel_viso, crescentcitynpc, drummerboy, formaldehyde, gimmeskittles, gregoire, hardluckwoman, howemuchtrouble, imperfectly, itsnotjessica, jake_frost, jools, learntofly, littleredd, londonloves, meandmyuke, mightbeclever, molly_mormon, mustbecharming, mylollipop, nineofwands, petitechou, porcelinaofvast, redwritinghood, samtheman, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, system, thatmachineboy, thatryderboy, traceur, turnonthebright, voodoo_maman, walktheline, whodoo, xanvanren
Communities2:crescentcity, crescentcityooc
Friend of:47: 867_5309, akio, aliensexist, alittlevague, almost_famous, babalon, cabotine, cantspell, che_bel_viso, chuck_munroe, crescentcitynpc, drummerboy, dungeonmaster, formaldehyde, gimmeskittles, gregoire, hardluckwoman, hollyj, howemuchtrouble, imperfectly, itsnotjessica, jake_frost, learntofly, littleredd, londonloves, mad_hatter, meandmyuke, mightbeclever, molly_mormon, mylollipop, nineofwands, notonyourteam, petitechou, porcelinaofvast, redwritinghood, samtheman, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, thatmachineboy, thatryderboy, traceur, voodoo_maman, walktheline, whodoo, yevgeni
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2011-01-07 22:23:23
Date updated:2011-01-18 15:13:09, 575 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:2
Comments:Posted: 112 - Received: 9

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