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User:mel (12083)
Interests:88: albums, alcohol, backstreet boys, books, bracelets, camping, candles, candy, carebears, cats, cell phones, cherries, chinese food, chocolate, clothes, coffee, comedies, computer games, country music, crossing jordan, crying, csi miami, cuddling, dirty dancing, dogs, dreams, dvds, family guy, friends, games, graphics, greys anatomy, harry potter, holding hands, horror movies, html, hugging, ice cream, iced coffee, icons, internet, john cena, kissing, kittens, kitties, law and order, layouts, love, marriage, money, movies, mp3s, music, necklaces, paint shop pro, peppermint, poetry, puppies, rain, rascal flatts, raw, reading, relationships, requestables, road trips, saw, sex and the city, sharing, shopping, sleeping, smackdown, songs, sprinkles, starbucks, storms, strawberries, summer, taking pictures, traveling, uploads, video games, white chocolate, white roses, wrestling, wwe, x-men, xbox,
Mutual Friends:1: mel
Also Friend of:3: belovings, kissies, thestorysofar
Member of:23: 100x100, addme, addme25_andup, addme_glbt, albumshare, backgrounds, breaksomehearts, community_promo, conquered, crowded, doodle, fontaddicts, gotmusic, iconic, imagebox, inkpen, ismylove, myspacers, promote, randomquestion, sextalk, thrashground, upload
Account type:Early Adopter

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