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User:batmanda (11653)
Location:Redding, California, United States
I'm Manda. I'm eighteen. I'm a sucker for a compliment; I'm pretty much a hopless romantic. I've had my heart broken 3x but I'm not sad about it; it helps me grow. I love sappy ♥love songs♥, songs that make me cry, songs that make me happy, songs that are fun. Music is not my life, but it's pretty great. I'm shy untill you get to know me. Then I can be obnoxious, hyper, and insane. For the most part, people freak me out and I get very self contious if they look at me for too long. I'm very emotional but I am not an "emo kid." I tend to obsess over things, but that's just how I am. I like food. I call myself a fat kid because it's funny (and I am one). I'm pretty much an open book; if you want to know anything, you can ask me.

[info]iam the Batman of scribbld!
Memories2 entries
Interests:55: aaron carter, avenged sevenfold, batman, benji madden, billy martin, bloo, csi, dana white, dcma, devil may cry, eric szmanda, family guy, famke janssen, forrest griffin, gary allan, good charlotte, harley quinn, hilary duff, hugh jackman, invader zim, jean grey, jenna jameson, jessica alba, joel madden, johnny depp, julian mcmahon, kingdom hearts, las vegas, level 27, linkin park, matt hamill, my little pony, nip/tuck, orlando bloom, paul thomas, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, puss in boots, rich franklin, saw, shrek, sin city, the joker, the labyrinth, the nightmare before christmas, the ultimate fighter, tim burton, tito ortiz, ufc, video games, wii, wolverine, world of warcraft, x-men, xbox 360
Schools:None listed
People13:batmanda, ex_grave823, fantasy, funk, hiswifeyy, kiss, kissing, lustfool, luvrr, pregnant, slayground, vanitycase, xenodevil
Communities13:10variations, backgrounds, breaksomehearts, conquered, desirables, doodle, flamecup, fontaddicts, honorcup, regal, tattoos, videogame_icons, wonderful
Mutual Friends:11: batmanda, ex_grave823, fantasy, funk, hiswifeyy, kiss, kissing, luvrr, pregnant, slayground, vanitycase
Member of:14: 10variations, backgrounds, breaksomehearts, conquered, desirables, doodle, flamecup, fontaddicts, honorcup, iam, regal, tattoos, videogame_icons, wonderful
Account type:Early Adopter

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