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User:anastas (38527)
Name:Anastas de Kooning

Disclaimer: this is a journal for a roleplaying game. The content herein is fictional.
Schools:None listed
People27:actingup, agent_anarchy, anastas, atotheb, burningburham, cabbage, displaced, downtheway, dresdenfaculty, dresdenfools, dresdenmod, fleshandbone, fordable, hiddenaway, inthefreakdom, jools, kazamir, loudandclose, notquitereal, pleasantly, purist, runningamok, subvertednpc, sunnygarcia, testlab, tookawrongturn, warsome
Communities4:dresdenacademy, dresdenooc, subvertedooc, subvertedunder
Friend of:68: 867_5309, actingup, agent_anarchy, akio, aliensexist, alittlevague, almost_famous, anastas, atotheb, babalon, beauregard_glam, cabbage, cantspell, che_bel_viso, chuck_munroe, double_sticks, downtheway, dresdenfaculty, dresdenfools, dresdenmod, drummerboy, dungeonmaster, fleshandbone, fordable, formaldehyde, gregoire, hardluckwoman, imperfectly, inthefreakdom, itsnotjessica, jake_frost, jools, kazamir, learntofly, littleredd, loudandclose, mad_hatter, meandmyuke, mightbeclever, misc, molly_mormon, mustbecharming, nineofwands, notonyourteam, notquitereal, petitechou, pleasantly, porcelinaofvast, redwritinghood, runningamok, samtheman, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, subvertednpc, testlab, thatryderboy, timberrrr, tookawrongturn, traceur, turnonthebright, voodoo_maman, walktheline, wantsthesky, willingtocheat, xanvanren, yevgeni
Member of:4: dresdenacademy, dresdenooc, subvertedooc, subvertedunder
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2010-08-10 11:04:02
Date updated:2012-02-27 09:22:11, 516 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:11
Comments:Posted: 409 - Received: 126
Posting Access:4: dresdenacademy, dresdenooc, subvertedooc, subvertedunder

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