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Natasha Romanova ([info]redheadspy) wrote,
@ 2011-02-15 09:56:00

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Personal character list.
Natasha Romanova [info]redheadspy
Anya Stark [info]anyastark
Cait Drake [info]_tsunami_
Alex Bowmaster [info]tooth_n_claw
Kalypso [info]notinplainsight
James Romanov-Rogers [info]next_avenger
Svalin Sifsdottir [info]shield_maiden
Greg Price [info]fullmoonfever
Hjordis Volstaggsdottir [info]thesensibleone
Zoey Ashcroft [info]team_mascot
Sydney Ashcroft [info]sydney_ashcroft
Azura/Abel [info]only_half_here
Quinn Braddock [info]brit_sorcerer
Irina Krylova [info]perenawska
Akantha [info]oooh_shiny
Del Bishop [info]electrified

Cait Curry [info]young_swimmer
Dex [info]green_lantern
Mandy [info]themeanone
Maria Grayson Wayne [info]crossbow_bat
Iris West [info]cantcatchme

MNG Futureverse
AJ Rogers [info]avenging_legacy
Bobby Stark-Barton [info]i_asked_grandpa
Sylvie Wyatt [info]charged_up

DCNG Future
Arica Darnell [info]lil_princess

DC Heroes
Arthur Curry [info]mrcrankypants
Helena Bertinelli [info]crossbowvixen

Marvel Legends
Nick Fury [info]shield_topdog
Sharon Carter [info]agent_13
Sersi [info]eternalhedonist
Natasha Romanova [info]black_widow
Sif [info]lady_sif

Natasha Romanova - Iron Widow - [info]iron_widow

Penny Dreadfuls
PJ Pennington [info]cannonball_run

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2011-02-15 06:06 pm UTC (link)
A sign that you, like me, don't have much of a life.

And we have too many voices in our heads. :-P

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2013-11-13 02:55 pm UTC (link)
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